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5 Beneficial Qualities of Painting

Written By: Frankie Red, Efendee Creative Relations Director

For the first time at Efendee, we are bringing something NEW, FRESH, & INNOVATIVE....A SIP & PAINT workshop where you get to not only enjoy some bubbly and tunes, but also create your own artwork and....SAVE when you SHOP! (See details below for our $75 Fill-Bag Sale!)

Now you may be wondering..."shopping, painting, and sipping....how is that possible?" We are converting half of our store into an open art space where Vibe Urban Painting will be leading an instructive class on painting; while keeping the other half of our store open for our patrons to shop. RESERVE YOUR SPOT  HERE!!

Here at Efendee, we like to try new things and shed light on all kinds of businesses, and this just adds more dimension to what it is that we do around here, so we cannot wait to host you.

What makes THIS ACROSS THE AISLE so much more dynamic is the art of bring a painting class-- to a urban clothing boutique. So we decided, we wanted to let YOU KNOW...5 Reasons why painting is awesome!

Painting is an excellent way to express yourself, tell stories, and share your perspective with the world. It helps to connect people in meaningful ways. Lets explore the 5 beneficial qualities of painting: 

1) Enhances creativity and problem-solving skills - Painting can help you get out of a creative rut or develop new ideas.

2) Improves mental health - Research has shown that art therapy can reduce stress and improve overall mental wellbeing.

3) Develops patience and perseverance - Painting takes time and effort; it's important to be patient while working on complex pieces or mastering techniques like color mixing or blending.

4) Boosts self-esteem - Completing a painting project provides a sense of accomplishment which can have positive effects on self-confidence levels over time. 

5) Fosters connection with others - Art fosters community by allowing us to connect through shared experiences in art galleries, studios, exhibitions, etc.

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