SK Low Top - Haring Ibon - Nate Dee Collab

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This Crown draws inspiration from Nate Dee's close friend, reminiscent of stealth, precision, and individuality-THE APEX. The eye of The Haring reminds the wearer to focus. Because either you're the prey or the predator. The front panel is branded with our "DUNGEON" moniker staying true to our core of telling authentic stories through headwear. The format appears to be four separate pictures at first glance, but each image shows the beauty, grit, and strength of fusion that is as Miami as it gets. The colorway is warm and vibrant, and exact. There is a focused play on the camouflage design that's simple yet complex. The Haring Ibon reminds us that heavy is the head that wears the Crown- Up Top.

Nathan Delinois (Nate Dee) is a Miami-born Haitian-American who combines Hellenism, hyperrealism, and Art Nouveau in his projects. ABC, NFL Network, and NBC have all featured Nate. His murals can be found on the streets of Miami and the world. In 2014, The New Times listed him as one of the “10 Miami Artists to follow on Instagram.” Nate’s crown is the Haring Ibon and is the adoration of a very personal friendship. His artwork is uplifting and empowering, breathing life back into anyone who views it.  

CEO and Chief Designer David Castro curated The Black Artist Collective because of a unique bond they all share with him and the brand, bringing a long-standing, ancestorial practice of Umoja -- or “unity” in Swahili— to the project. “We embrace the fact that we are a black-owned, thriving, creative business, and we want to breathe life into everything we touch. We connected with those we admired to create products that couldn’t exist without collaboration. There is beauty in the honesty of this collaboration, and we get to drop a new silhouette in the process,” he also adds

 “Creatives move the world forward, and collaboration breeds growth,” he continues. As an artist and architect, Castro employs authentic storytelling in all that he does, seen in the crown’s construction and design. “It only made sense for us to create authentic products with our contemporaries that share a perspective on the world through the product. This capsule will captivate many, and the depth of the designs will inspire the culture for years to come.”

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